Full Spectrum CBD and Isolate CBD


What and Why – Full Spectrum and Isolate CBD

 Full Spectrum CBD

All our products, except our Hemp CBD Isolate Powder are Full Spectrum. This means that we manufacture our products utilizing the “entire hemp plant’. We choose this manufacturing method because that oil extracted from the entire plant aids the body more. As it creates a synergistic or entourage healing effect in the body.

Isolate CBD

Only the flower of the hemp plant is used to make isolate CBD products, there are no carrier or collaborating oils added. Some CBD users believe the purity of the hemp flower makes it more effective for them. Isolate is slightly more costly than other forms because it utilized only the flowers, and has a complex manufacturing process.

Full Spectrum CBD versus Isolate

Our experience supports the need to have both types of CBD. We have customers who prefer, love, and tout the benefits of both. Most people begin with “Full Spectrum” because it is more affordable and there are more options to consume it. Whether it is the difference between bodies, sizes, metabolism, or specific illness, we have learned that each person must find what works for them. This is why we manufacture and sell both types of CBD in a wide variety of forms.


How is it best to consume CBD?

Everyone’s body is someone unique. At Just Hemp Co LLC, we understand this, and that is why we have developed a wide variety of methods to consume it. We encourage our customers to begin with what seems most natural to you and your lifestyle. Since CBD works on some level for most anyone, we think it is best to try another form, if you do not achieve your optimum results from the first form. Our CBD Oils and Oil-rich products come in a liquid oil form, known as tinctures, in capsules, or in a vape oil solution. Our isolate powders may be consumed in food or drink, or by smoking. Just Hemp Co vape products are quite popular, as the effects are almost immediate. Our crumble is most commonly smoked, for optimum results. The important thing is that each person finds what is most effective for them and their own body.

Tinctures for People and Pets

Cannabidiol tinctures are simply a liquid form of CBD. Ours comes in two different strengths, and three flavors. We process it purely and add no GMOs or containments. You will not find any impurities in this oil! While some manufacturers add cellulose or gelatin to make thin the oil and pump up profits, our oils contain only natural ingredients and terpenes. We use coconut oil and grape seed oil simply to make the product taste better and to be more easily digestible.

Our Tinctures come in 250 mg and 500 mg strength. The recommend dosage begins at 15 drops, and can be adjusted to increase the potency and effects. The drops are best administered, beneath the tongue, sublingually. This allows for maximum absorption in the body.

Tinctures are the form of choice for pets. Our Pet Tincture is 250 mg and is the exact same quality as our people tinctures. The Pet Tincture is unflavored, making it more palatable for animals. It is best given in the food, but can be placed in their mouths as well. Since every animal have an endocrine system which produces cannabinoids, we have seen great success with dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and even horses.

Pet owners dealing with young hyper animals, animals with PTSD, and aging animals are our biggest fans! We hear stories daily of old dogs who are enjoying better mobility and vision, and of young dogs that become easier to handle and train.

Vape Oil

Recent studies indicate that vaping is a very effective method of absorbing maximum doses of CBD. It goes quickly to the brain and can for many, have an almost immediate effect. If you are a smoker already, vaping is a natural way of consuming CBD. For those with unmanageable pain, vaping is often the first choice. Our vape oil comes in a 250 mg dose for optimum results.

CBD Gummies

Everyone loves gummies! And, while they are not the purest form of CBD, they have quickly become both a mainstay and an easy backup for many of our customers. Each Gummie is 10 mgs, they are the perfect boost for that afternoon letdown, or a quick anxiety reliever. They are easy to tuck in a purse, pocket or lunch box, as nothing is required (no droppers or vapes) to consume them.


Our capsules come 30 to a bottle and each one is 25 mg. of CBD. They are a gel capsule, making them easy to administer to others, for easy swallowing. They are also easy to carry. The regular dose is 1 per day, though many with chronic health issues, often increase that amount to meet their needs.

Topical CBD Balm

A topical balm is an excellent method of addressing muscular and other body pains, as well as aiding in stress reduction. Our balm contains 400 mg of pure CBD, along with grape seed oil, and coconut oil, and just a touch of lavender and eucalyptuses. The perfect all-natural blend, our CBD Topical Balm is our number one selling product!

Most of our customers use it on aches, pains, arthritis, and neuropathy. We have customer reviews that tout its immediate and long-lasting effects! Since neuropathy pain is so challenging, we are thrilled that we now have medical practitioners in chiropractic, acupuncture and laser therapy, as well as Licensed Massage Therapists who have made it a regular part of their in-office and home follow-up therapy.

In addition to treating aches and pains, our topical CBD also is a godsend for those who hold their stress in their neck and shoulders. Just a small dab around these areas can really help with stress and anxiety are an issue.

CBD Crumble

Many of those who choose THC CBD are familiar with crumble or shatter forms of CBD. Results from it are best achieved by smoking the CBD Crumble. JHC CBD Crumble contains 800 mg of pure CBD, which many say is their best option for severe relief from pain and PTSD symptoms. Most of the CBD Hemp Crumble available is made from only the flower of the hemp, so it is isolate crumble. Our CBD Crumble is one of the few available that is “Full Spectrum” Crumble.

CBD Isolate Powder

Just Hemp Co’s Isolate Powder is 99.9% pure. Since it is so pure, a tiny pinch will go a long way. Our Isolate Powder is the only Just Hemp Co product that is not Full Spectrum CBD. Derived exclusively from the hemp flower, and created via a very complex manufacturing process, isolate is not our most affordable form of CBD. However, unlike all the other products from Just Hemp Co, that are heavily oil based, our hemp isolate powder is water soluble. This makes it perfect to add to food or drinks, making medicating easier for the elderly and the severely ill.


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