The History of CBD, Cannabis & Hemp

The History of CBD, Cannabis & Hemp

The history of our favorite plant is a long and winding road. And much like a winding road here in our country is different from a winding road in another part of the world, cannabis has a different history on either side of the globe.

CBD is hitting the mainstream with new findings that prove pain relief. Being well-informed when choosing alternative forms of medication is important. Knowing the history of this humble plant helps support the case of using cannabis for treatment.

For centuries, the medicinal benefits of cannabis have been known. Long before it was being dissected in a laboratory it had been found to help with a number of ailments.

The cannabis plant has had a long and complicated history, sometimes being the cure-all and sometimes being the culprit. Time has proven that its benefits cannot be denied and has been proven beneficial in food, textile, and medicine.

History of CBD: The Plants – Hemp & Cannabis

Essentially, hemp and cannabis are the same thing, both hail from the Cannabis sativa L species of plants. Each plant produces dramatically different things and even differ in how they look when growing. 

Hemp is a plant that is used as a fiber, for food, and for fuel. The seeds are great for boosting the immune system and strengthening bones, and hemp fiber can be used in clothing and actually makes very durable rope. Additionally, the biofuel that hemp produces could dramatically change the environmental impact of cars.

One of the many plus sides of hemp is that is can grow in many different types of climates and can be grown like a crop of corn or soybeans. Thus allowing the ability to have large, renewable crops. The hemp plant grows much like corn also, in that is does well planted closely together and can grow to be about 12-15 feet.

Cannabis, on the other hand, likes to stay small and is rather particular about the environmental factors. It likes the weather on the hotter side and needs space to flourish. Buds form and crystallize when cannabis plants have the space to grow. These crystalized buds appear in the recreational use of cannabis, as well as the many medical uses.           

History of CBD: THC vs CBD

The two most known about cannabinoids (the compounds in cannabis that have effects on our bodies) are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Different cannabinoids interact with humans’ endocannabinoid systems (ECS) and have a wide range of effects.

And guess what? Cannabinoids are found in several other plants! Black pepper, echinacea, and even the beloved hop plant to name a few.

The most notable difference between these two compounds is that THC is intoxicating and has a psychoactive effect that results in that “high” feeling. CBD is more about working with other compounds in our bodies to regulate pain.

How it can be that cannabinoids are one of the most studied plant compounds is a long and interesting history. Know that we have the basics of knowing more about the actual plant, the history lesson will make more sense.

Check out part 2 of this series, where we take a trip around the world to look at the history of cannabis over time.

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