CBD for Epilepsy: Treating Seizures With CBD

CBD for Epilepsy: Treating Seizures With CBD

Added to the long list of disorders that CBD has been discovered to help is epilepsy. Research on the benefits of CBD is at its peak. Recent studies have proven that cannabis can be a serious contender in reducing the frequency of seizures. Help for the nearly 50 million sufferers of the disease does exist and it grows right in nature.

CBD For Epilepsy: What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the compound in cannabis that has all of the health benefits and none of the intoxication. There are many compounds found in cannabis (cannabinoids) with health benefits. CBD is leading the studies as the most beneficial for medical treatment.

THC, the cannabinoid that gives the “high” feeling, is present in most cannabis, along with cannabidiol and around 100 others. Receptors in our bodies accept cannabinoids and result in different effects.

Depending on the receptor that the cannabinoid attached to, the result will be different, i.e. the “high” feeling or how they help epilepsy or chronic pain or mood.

CBD for Epilepsy: Dravet Syndrome and Cannabis

Dravet syndrome is a rare and severe form of epilepsy afflicting young children. The connection between CBD and Dravet syndrome was discovered during a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human study. This study ultimately appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine. 

The study found that children given CBD experienced a reduction in the number of convulsive seizures from Dravet syndrome. Patients experienced a 23% decrease in the frequency of convulsive seizures compared to the placebo control group.    

CBD For Epilepsy: The American Epilepsy Society & CBD

The American Epilepsy Society announced a study by the name of Efficacy and Safety of Epidiolex (Cannabidiol) in Children and Young Adults With Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy. They revealed this at their 70th annual meeting. Young patients nationwide took part in the 2014 Philadelphia study.

The most important find in the study is that CBD works at reducing the seizure severity and frequency for children and adults. The results were a marked difference after taking CBD- a 45.1% median decrease in seizures.

This particular study supported and reinforced prior animal studies that also showed CBD to be a promising therapy for treatment-resistant epilepsies.

CBD For Epilepsy: Lennox Gastaut Study At Nationwide Children’s Hospital

A study at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, in Columbus, Ohio, also found a decrease in seizures. When researchers administered liquid DBD to children with Lennox Gastaut syndrome, 40% of patients had fewer seizures. Conversely, the placebo group reported only a 15% reduction.

These findings support the need for more research into the effectiveness of using hemp CBD for epilepsy relief.

CBD For Epilepsy: Microdosing Delivers Powerful Treatment

Another study proves the benefits of taking low doses of pharmaceutical grade CBD. The study focused specifically on a 10 milligram (mg) daily dose. This study proves the effectiveness of treating epilepsy with CBD. Additionally, it shows the promising efficacy of lower doses.

CBD For Epilepsy: Legalization And Safety

Hemp CBD is far different from cannabis that is traditionally thought of. Unlike cannabis, hemp CBD does not have the intoxicating THC. It actually has very few side effects reported by only a small percentage of the population.

CBD is not addictive and will not make patients feel intoxicated, and can help a number of different patients in holistic and beneficial ways.

Although our CBD comes from hemp it is just as effective. In fact, there is no risk of getting high, thanks to the low THC content in hemp.

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