Can CBD Reverse Brain Aging

Can CBD Reverse Brain Aging

Although using cannabis can affect your short-term memory (more accurately, memory encoding), evidence today suggests that hemp and even cannabis may preserve your psychological sharpness. Curious about how cannabis and CBD reverse brain aging? Israeli and German researchers from the University of Bonn, as well as the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, both conducted promising research into the question.

Additional analysis is essential to fully verify their conclusions. That being said, the original results suggest substances in cannabis might impede natural brain aging. Additionally, they could actually treat conditions such as dementia.

Reverse Brain Aging: The Impact Of Age On The Brain

The brain gradually suffers from wear and tear over time. Cognitive functionality decreases as a result. Individuals experience this deterioration through memory loss, difficulty learning, and complications with focusing.

One hypothesis on decreasing brain function with age is that oxidation is the culprit. As we grow older, our bodies are much less effective at removing this waste product from the system. As the oxidation lingers around cells, it gradually damages them.

Another theory on decreased brain function with age involves a lack of Myelin. Specifically, that the glial cells in the brain do not produce as much myelin as we grow older. Myelin forms a conduit that brain impulses travel through. Therefore, decreased myelin functionality contributes to decreased brain functionality as well.

Neurons also deteriorate as we grow older. Any of these elements or a combination of these elements may contribute to cognitive impairment as we age.

Reverse Brain Aging: Could Cannabis Be The Key?

Could cannabis reverse the negative effects of brain aging? Some researches from Germany and Israel say yes.

In one promising study, a series of tests were administered to a few generations of mice so the researchers could quantify their hypothesis. They hoped to prove that cannabis could reduce brain aging.

The mice on THC performed much better compared to the mice on the placebo after a month’s time. According to the study,”Old animals were able to regress to the state of two-month-old mice with a prolonged low-dose treatment with a cannabis active ingredient.”

Reverse Brain Aging: Cannabis And Memory

A 2002 study indicated that after ingesting cannabis, only certain sections of our memory are impaired. Moreover, this particular impairment was only temporary.

According to their research, you might have difficulty encoding memories of things that take place while you are feeling the effects of cannabis. What cannabis is actually doing for your brain on a physiological level, nonetheless, seems to be beneficial. After cannabis processes out of your system, any kind of negative effects vanish but positive effects linger.

Reverse Brain Aging: So How Does CBD Promote Brain Function?

The researchers hypothesize that since the brain creates less naturally occurring cannabinoids as it ages, adding some back in creates a measurable boost. THC actually appeared to boost brain function in the elderly mice that were already a bit forgetful.

Hemp CBD doesn’t contain THC, but it does contain another cannabinoid that’s making waves in wellness: CBD. Because we already know that CBD influences the brain’s cellular communication, research could prove that it preserves brain function just like THC has shown.

Before we know for sure that cannabis or hemp CBD reverses brain aging, we’ll need to see results from human trials. If researchers can replicate the mice studies on humans, hemp and cannabis could become valued as a remedy for Alzheimer’s and dementia.


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